Roof Work in the Winter? 

Yes, we actually prefer to work on your roof when it’s cold outside! Two of the top questions customers ask us in the winter months are, “Can you do roofing work in the winter?” and “Isn’t it too cold outside?”

The answers are yes, we do work on roofs in the winter and no, it isn’t too cold outside.  Of course, we don’t recommend roofing in either extremely hot or cold conditions. Here are some of the reasons why winter is actually a great time to get your roof work done.

#1 – Roofing Companies are Less Busy in the Winter
Typically, because people think roofing work can’t be done during winter months, most roofing companies are not very busy at this time of year.  In fact, winter can be the best time to have your roof replaced or repaired because roofing companies want your project and building materials are plentiful.  Waiting until the warmer months when demand is highest, such as the spring, may make it more difficult for you to get your project fit into their busy schedule and may cause delays in receiving roofing materials.

#2 – Materials are More Readily Available
Since job production is down, materials for the roofing projects are easier and faster to obtain, making it easier for us to complete your project faster.

#3 – Better Pricing
It’s basic economics – supply vs. demand.  Generally, contractors are less busy during the winter months, which results in better pricing.  With lower demand, suppliers often offer better rates to contractors for job materials.  You may be able to garner good savings on your roofing project during the winter months as opposed to when demand is the highest – during spring and summer.

#4 – Roofers and Installers are More Comfortable
According to our owner, Greg Goss, “The perfect conditions for roofing installation and repair are, 40-degree weather, no rain or wind. These conditions are great to work in.  Our roofers and installers are more comfortable doing their work in winter than compared to the heat of the summer months.”

#5 – No Scuffs or Scars on Roof
During the warm weather months, roofing materials are more susceptible to marks and scuffs on the roof during installation.  During cold weather months, scuffs and scars on installed roofing materials are less likely to occur.

#6 – Installing Roofing and Siding Before the Spring Flowers Pop
Installing roofing and even siding in the winter months before the spring flowers emerge, is the best time to do this work as materials cast down from the roof or upper parts of the exterior of the home won’t damage fragile spring flowers.  It’s easier for us to clean up during winter months because there’s much less in foundation plants surrounding a home.  It’s easier for us to see the materials on the ground and pick them up, leaving your roof, home, and foundation area looking great after the job’s done!